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Confidence and Optimism: What Russian Women Want!

5. January 2010 by Christy 0 Comments

Russian women

In a recent survey conducted by, Russian women named conficence and optimsim as two of their top turn ons. If you're not sure how to be the kind of confident, optimistic man Russian ladies desire, here are a few tips to get you started.


Laugh, Smile

The simplest way to exude confidence and positivity is to smile and laugh. Post a photo (or photos) of you smiling. Don’t be afraid to smile and laugh during video chat sessions. While some men think frowning or staring intently at the camera is cool, women are more likely to gravitate to men who seem friendly and approachable.


Keep an Open Mind About Russian Dating

Few things will offend a Russian lady faster than a scammer accusation. While scammers certainly exist, paranoia also plagues the Russian dating industry and it is often a man’s insecurities that cause him to doubt a Russian woman’s intentions. Don’t interrogate a Russian lady or ask if she’s a scammer unless you have a VERY good reason to do so. Unjust accusations will only make you seem bitter and insecure.


Be Positive

Maintain a positive attitude when it comes to Russian dating. Don’t complain to ladies about the cost of Russian dating sites or tell a lady you are probably wasting your time looking for love in Russia or the Ukraine. This will only seem insecure and pessimistic.


Keep it Light

If you want to appear optimistic, avoid depressing topics (at least in the first few emails). The troubled economy, wars, health issues, family deaths, and failed relationships are all bummers.  In general, it’s best to get to know a lady before delving into serious and/or troubling subjects.


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