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Concerned About Courting Ladies of Another Culture?

17. September 2010 by Michelle 0 Comments

Have you met this gorgeous Russian bride?

Trying new things takes courage, especially when love and money are involved. Millions of men are finding their soul mates from different countries, but many others are still worried about the scam stories and urban legends that have been circulating for years.


"I'm worried about Russian women scammers!"

Dating and trusting a foreign woman whom you’ve never met in person can be difficult, but gentlemen who overcome this first obstacle find that Russian brides are very friendly, charming, and quite virtuous. Most would never even consider scandalous behavior and see online dating as a privilege that they don’t want to risk losing. requires that every new lady complete the video validation procedure to prevent scamming activities. They provide identification and are videotaped confirming that they are joining the site with honest intentions of looking for love and they are not being paid. If a lady is found to be defying the policies, her profile will be deactivated.


"I'm worried our marriage won't last!"

Have you heard the one about the man who married a gorgeous Russian girl, only to have her leave him with a green card and money after a couple years? While this situation may have occurred, it’s certainly not the norm.


Most multicultural marriages even last longer than traditional unions, at least according to statistics from the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services. Since these couples have to work harder at the things conventional couples take for granted, like communication and cultural challenges, they are fully invested in making it last. Plus, Russian women sacrifice a lot leaving home and they aren’t focused on fame and fortune like myths make you believe.


The dating world is full of “what ifs”, no matter which type of woman you’re going after. But if you’re serious about seeking a wife from around the world, throw away your worries and try today!