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Compromise is Key to Resolving Communication Conflicts

12. May 2011 by Christy 0 Comments

Do you prefer email to chat? Does your lady like chat better than email? While conflicting communication preferences can be frustrating, most couples can work around this minor issue if they’re willing to compromise.


The Benefits of Email and Chat

Many ladies prefer chat to email because it’s fast, it’s fun, and it provides instant gratification. The ladies can type a question and receive a response in a matter of seconds, rather than waiting days or even weeks for a response from a special gentleman. This is an important benefit, especially for ladies who rely on introduction agencies to communicate with foreign suitors and wish to make the best use of their time.

Of course not all ladies prefer chat to email. Some women use email as a chance to practice their English skills, while others enjoy the anticipation that comes with awaiting a message from a special gentleman. Email is also useful for times when a lady’s schedule does not synch up with a gentleman’s, making live chat difficult or impossible.


Why Compromise is Best

If your communication preference conflicts with a lady’s be respectful of her choice and offer to compromise. Try chatting some days and emailing the rest. Unless there is a major conflict, your lady should have no problem meeting you half way. Some men react to communication conflicts with anger, demands, and scammer accusations. This is a big mistake! Gentlemen should keep in mind that the ladies are free to communicate however they wish and that a preference for email or chat is not a sign that a lady is receiving a kickback of some kind (as some men have suggested).

Everyone has their own preferences when it comes to communication. Some members like the speed convenience of live chat, while others prefer the thrill of sending and receiving emails. No matter what your preference, it’s important to respect the choices of others and be willing to compromise when the need arises.