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Charm, Not Cash, Gets a Quality Girl

17. August 2010 by Christy 0 Comments

The majority of men on RussianLoveMatch know that financial security is important to the women on the site. After all, if a woman is going to leave everything she knows behind to make a life with her new husband she needs to know that she won't be poor or bankrupt in a foreign land. However, this knowledge, though important, can also be dangerous because it causes some men to focus on the wrong things when courting Russian women.


Don't Over Emphasize Your Money

While financial security is important, it isn’t everything. If a man spends an inordinate amount of time focusing on his money, a lady may think he has nothing else to offer. A Russian woman who is sincerely looking for love will not marry a man and leave her friends, family, country, culture, and language behind, solely because her new husband earns a decent living. He must attract her with his charm, personality, sense of humor, etc.! Sure, some women are motivated by money, and money only, but most gentlemen are looking for a partner with deeper interests.


Woo Her With Your Charm

If you want to attract a quality Russian woman, don’t share your annual income, net worth, the cost of your home, or other financial details on your profile or in the first few emails. Though you may mean well, it does nothing to highlight your charm, personality, sense of humor, or other unique qualities women find attractive and it can even come across as insulting. Why? Some women may think you’re trying to “buy” them or that you believe they only care about money and other superficial objects.

It’s also important that you resist the urge to send women money or lavish them with expensive gifts, at least at first. Not only will not sending money/expensive gifts help you avoid scammers and gold-diggers, but it will force you to win women over with your charm and personality. We’re not saying that you should NEVER send gifts. Just don’t overdo it or make gift giving a primary courting technique. As for sending money, that’s rarely a good idea and not something we recommend. There are other ways to demonstrate your financial security.  

Don’t make the mistake of wooing women with your money. Focus instead on your personality, charm, sense of humor, etc. In the long run, these are the qualities that will determine the success of your relationship, not just your income.