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Celebrity Doppelgangers: Half a Dozen Angelinas!

19. November 2012 by Lorena 0 Comments

When Vanity Fair asked readers which famous lady they considered the most beautiful, there was no contest. Angelina Jolie won by a landslide, with 53% of the vote. The second-place winner, Gisele Bündchen, got the votes of just 9% of those surveyed.


We’ve found not one but seven gorgeous ladies on Russian Love Match that could give Ms. Jolie a run for her money in the looks department. Which one of these beauties do you think looks the most like the famous actress?



ElenaJolie is looking for a romantic, responsible and kind man:


Irino4kabest looks for a lifelong relationship:


Ksenia777 says her skin smells like vanilla and feels like velvet:


Kseniyaua loves to travel:


Svetlana wants a man who wants to love and be loved:


VanillaLove wants a man who will love and cherish her:


Flirty and flexible VeraDancer is a professional dancer: