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Can My Special Lady Pay Me a Visit?

2. August 2011 by Christy 0 Comments

Most men know that trip to Ukraine is a necesary part of the Russian dating experience, however some gentlemen also want to show a lady their hometown before tying the knot. While Ukrainian women can certainly travel to Western countries, suitors should keep in mind that is often more difficult for Ukrainian citizens to secure tourist visas and that an international visit may not always be possible.

While Ukrainian women can visit men in America, Canada, England, etc., they must first obtain a tourist visa, something (most) men traveling to the Ukraine don’t have to deal with. While obtaining a visa may seem simple enough, the application process is often difficult, confusing, expensive, and time-consuming. Even if a lady is able to secure a visa, she may not be able to afford an international plane ticket or she may feel uncomfortable visiting a man in a foreign country. For these reasons, and others, many gentlemen choose to travel to a lady’s home country rather the other way around.

Gentlemen should also keep in mind that tourist visas are for short-term stays only, usually no more than 90 days. If a lady wishes to visit for a longer period of time, she will need to obtain a different kind of visa all together.

Can a Ukrainian lady visit a Western man in his country? Yes. However, traveling abroad is generally more complicated for Ukrainian women so most couples choose to meet up in a lady’s hometown.

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