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Can I Write in Russian?

3. November 2010 by Christy 0 Comments

In an attempt to better communicate with Russian women, many members of RussianLoveMatch are attempting to learn the ladies' native language. While we applaud and encourage these efforts, our email system cannot handle Cyrillic characters so we ask that gentlemen write emails in English only.


At times, Cyrillic characters may pass through the system with no problems but they usually cause a variety of issues including emails being cut short or not being visible to the lady, characters appearing as meaningless symbols, gentleman being unable to type a full message, etc. Members of RussianLoveMatch don’t have to pay extra for translation, so why risk sending a faulty message when our translators can help you successfully communicate with a Russian lady? If things go well, you’ll be able to practice Russian in person soon enough.


If you wrote to a lady in Russian and she has trouble viewing your email or reports that the system cut it short, Cyrillic characters are likely to blame. Type your message in English and try sending the message again. Also, please make sure that there are no other invalid characters in your email. If you have any questions or concerns or, please contact our customer service department.