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Be Original! Avoid These 5 Online Dating Clichés

7. May 2010 by Christy 0 Comments

A strong profile is key to getting noticed on an online dating website like Unfortunately, many gentlemen unknowingly weaken their profiles by using clichéd lines and tired expressions. If you want to create a profile that will get you noticed, avoid using one of these common online dating clichés.


“I Don't Want Any Liars or Cheaters!”

Isn’t this pretty much a given? No one wants to date a dishonest individual so there’s really no need to specify. Not only that, but such statements suggest that you’re bitter about the past and this can make a lady hesitant to contact you. Focus instead on the traits in a lady you DO want, rather than characteristics no one is seeking.


“I Enjoy Watching the Sunset and Long Walks on the Beach”

Beaches and sunsets are perhaps the biggest online dating clichés of them all. While there’s certainly nothing wrong with enjoying a walk on the beach or watching a nice sunset, nearly everyone enjoys these activities and they tell a lady nothing unique about you. What things are you into that might interest others? Skydiving? Scuba diving? Tae Kwon Do? Mention hobbies like this, rather than the stereotypical walk on the beach.   


“I Love to Try New Things”

This may be true, but online daters use the expression so often that it’s become meaningless. A little more information can make this statement more interesting. How do you go about trying new things? Do you enjoy trying new foods? Do you travel to other countries? Are you taking up an interesting new hobby? The fact that you’re on a Russian dating site is a good start. Expand on that.


“I Enjoy Laughing, Life.”

As opposed to death and sadness? Though painfully obvious, statements like "I love life" or "I love having a good time" appear on thousands of online dating profiles. Try not to use them.


"I Treat Women Well"

Thousands of men make this claim, but without specific examples it isn’t very believable. How do you treat a lady well? Do you open doors? Surprise her with romantic dinners? Give her meaningful gifts? If you want to convince a lady you’re a gentleman give examples and then express a desire to prove it. 


Online dating websites are full of cliches, but if you are original, specific, and avoid making obvious statements, your profile will stand out in the crowd.