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Bald is Beautiful and Strong

3. December 2009 by Administrator 0 Comments

Men are very sensitive creatures. It goes against the stereotypical image of a man but it’s true.  Some think just because they are bald that Russian women will not consider them attractive.  The truth is many women find bald men very appealing.


In America, the negativity towards bald men can be traced back to colonial times when men wore wigs to cover their receding hair line. Over time that negative perception grew as the nation grew. America was a strong rising nation that needed strong men to help it grow. Bald men where looked upon as weak, frail, puny, past their prime.


Bald is Beautiful

As we know times have changed. Today bald men are looked upon on a whole new light. More men are taking the plunge and letting themselves go all natural. Actors such as Bruce Willis, Patrick Stewart, Shemar Moore, Vin Diesel, Samuel L. Jackson and Jason Stathamand are seen as strong, sexy, leading men. Grammy Award Winner Seal certainly has not let his baldness get effect his life of happiness with supermodel wife Heidi Klum. Most of us can’t even picture Michael Jordon with hair.


Russian Ladies Have a Different View

Russian society has long held a different view on baldness. Case in point Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin. At the age of 57 year-old Putin is seen by Russian women and men as a strong, confident, man who is not afraid to mix it up. He is also viewed by many Russian ladies as a sex symbol.  In many ways, Russian women are light years ahead of their Western counterparts. They view bald men as strong, sexy, vigorous, hearty, lusty, and potent. They value the whole man just not one part.


What They Like

What do all the fore mentioned men have in common? They have strong self confidence. That strength, that inner self belief, has made them successful in their careers and in their personal relationships. Sure they could have listened to the naysayers and given up their chosen path, but they didn’t. Russian women in particular view confidence as a major turn on.  I invite you to read or re-read  one of my other posts, Russian Women Like Men Who Can Make Them Laugh. Here you will find more keys to opening the lock of the hearts of Russian women.

Remember to believe in yourself, take a chance with romance and find your Russian Love Match.