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Are the Women on RussianLoveMatch Sincere?

14. July 2010 by Christy 0 Comments

Are the ladies of RussianLoveMatch sincere in their quest for love? Yes! While a few dishonest individuals may slip through the cracks, our extensive validation and anti-scam procedures typically weed out women with ulterior motives. However, to further clarify the issue of sincerity it's necessary for us to address two controversial topics that come along with it: the meaning of the word "sincere" and what we should and should not do to test the sincerity of our ladies.


The Meaning of "Sincere"

The word “sincere” means different things to different people. Some men believe a woman on a Russian dating site is not sincere unless she is willing to marry any member who shows interest in her. Others think a sincere woman is one who is willing to marry right away. Even more think women have to reach a certain age before they can possibly be sincere about marriage. What is's definition of sincere? A woman (of any age) who is open to the idea of communicating with foreign men and will consider marrying the right one. That’s it.


What We Do (and Don't Do) to Ensure Our Women Are Sincere

Some men believe Russian dating services like RussianLoveMatch should ensure that the ladies who use their service are sincere. While it’s impossible to see into the mind of each and every lady, we do require our ladies to record and submit a validation video in which they state they are single, that they are using the service of their own free and that they will not solicit members for money or gifts. They must also sign a written agreement stating the same. If a lady breaks this agreement we will remove her from the site.

We do not, however, install hidden cameras in introduction agencies, require the ladies to submit to psychological screenings, force them to take lie detector tests, or employ “secret shoppers” to monitor their every move (as some men have seriously suggested). These practices are insulting and if we wished to be fair we would have to require our gentlemen members do the same. The men and women who use our service are adults and we must treat them as such