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Are the Ladies Required to Use Glamour Photos?

30. April 2012 by Christy 0 Comments

After viewing the profiles on Russian Love Match, some men are curious about the ladies’ professional profile photos. Are the women required to use glamour photos? If so, why? How do they afford it? Here are the answers to these common questions.

No, the women are not required to post professional profile photos. The ladies of RLM have full control over their profile and can decide to use candid photos, professional photos, or a little of both. It’s completely up them. However, the majority of ladies decide to go the professional photo route. Why? Thanks to introduction agencies, which help set up discounted or complimentary shoots, the ladies can get professional photos quickly, conveniently, and affordably, not to mention that professional pics help the ladies look their absolute best.

It’s also important to keep in mind that appearance is very important to Russian women. Not only that, but looking good is often expected of the ladies in Eastern Europe. Need an example? In an attempt to impress Euro 2012 visitors, Kiev airport officials recently gave their female staff a makeover. In other parts of the city, older women working in transportation have been booted for younger, prettier employees. Looks matter in Ukraine, so Ukrainian women take great care with their appearance. Therefore, is it any wonder the ladies choose to pose for stunning profile pics when looking for love online?