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Are Women Paid to be on RussianLoveMatch?

29. October 2009 by Michelle 0 Comments

A common misconception about the women on is that they are being paid for participating in this online dating experience. Just because you are paying to communicate with beautiful Russian and Ukrainian brides, does not mean they are being paid to communicate with you. There are several reasons why men think this, and here you can learn the truth behind the misinformation.


They are too hot to be talking to me for free

RussianLoveMatch does select the most attractive women that Russia and Ukraine have to offer. These women take great pride in their appearance and strive to make the best possible impressions in their photos and videos. It may seem impossible that so many gorgeous women are single and honestly seeking love online, but it’s true. They want to find their soul mate just as much as you do. Don’t sell yourself short! You have plenty of qualities that these hot Russian women are seeking.


They are chatting online all day and all night

Gentlemen members have observed women chatting online for several hours straight, so rumors have been spread that the longer women chat, the more payment they receive. It is true that Russian ladies love to chat, but they are not receiving payments for it. With so many new and interesting people to meet, it’s hard to log off and save more chats for another day. Even gentlemen members have admitted that chat can be addicting!


They are only available at certain times, like they are “working a shift”

You may have the freedom of hopping online anytime you choose with your home computer or laptop, but many Russian women don’t have this option. They travel to agency offices where there are limited numbers of computers. Some agencies do need to schedule days and times for the ladies so that everyone has a chance to participate. They are not paid by agencies for their time or participation.


They get mad or upset when you ask about payment

Stereotypes and rumors can make anyone upset. Being accused of something is insulting. If a gentlemen member asks a lady if she is receiving payment or commission for chatting with him, she will likely become upset and refuse to continue the communication. Men may mistake this reaction as an admission of guilt, but in reality she simply became offended. There are plenty of gentlemen members that will appreciate these ladies and spend time getting to know them, not waste time trying to investigate or harass them.


They are employees of the agencies

There is some confusion about employees of Russian and Ukrainian dating agencies. They do have paid employees. These are the translators and travel liaisons. These are not the women that use the agencies’ services. They pay nothing to use these services, nor are they paid to use these services.


RussianLoveMatch is a unique dating experience and very different from the others in the Russian bride industry. Paying women to participate in this service is a strict violation of the policies and any agency involved in this violation is promptly removed from the site. By learning the facts and becoming properly informed, you’ll become more comfortable letting your guard down and opening your heart up to a beautiful Russian bride!