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Are These Ladies For Real?

3. December 2009 by Daniel 0 Comments

We often hear from our members that they were pleasantly surprised when they first joined at just how good the service is at connecting them with real Russian women. Naturally, many gentlemen are skeptical of the site prior to joining.


They wonder: “How can all of these women look so glamorous in their photos? Surely, this must be a scam!”


The Importance of a Lady's Appearance

We assure you that each of the ladies featured on our site is very real. While it may seem surprising, Russian women really are that beautiful and they enjoy showing off their beauty. Appearance is very important to Russian women and they work to maintain their good looks. That is why many of them feature photos that showcase their sex appeal.


Also, many of the agencies to which the ladies go to use encourage them to include high quality photos. Some agencies have on-site photographers who know how to make the ladies look their best in front of the lens. Other ladies have their pictures taken in a professional photography studio or at home.


Live Video Streaming and Video Validation

Two of the ways you can know for certain that each of the Russian ladies on our site is real are through our live video chat and video validation procedure.


Each of the ladies you see on our site is required to sign an agreement stating that they are not being paid to use the service, that they will not use the service to ask for gifts or money, and that they will abide by our Terms of Use, all prior to being granted access to our services. The act of their signing the agreement is recorded on video and serves as a video validation. If any of the ladies violates the agreement, they are removed from the site.



Our live video streaming feature also allows you to see the lady of your choice as you correspond with her via online chat. Short of meeting a lady in person, there is no better way for you to personally verify that each of our ladies is real.


Members of have access to an exlusive dating pool of beautiful Russian women as well as the confidence that each lady's intentions are true. So become a member and find your Russian bride today.