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Answers to Questions about Suspected Scammers

21. May 2010 by Michelle 0 Comments

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Scammer stories and fraudulent fairytales have plagued the Russian bride industry since it experienced resurgence with the advent of the internet. Some stories may be true, while most are more like urban legends and conspiracy theories. Here are some honest answers to a few common questions about the Russian and Ukrainian women on Russian dating sites.


Why are some ladies on several different sites?

Once a gentleman starts building a relationship with a gorgeous Russian girl, he may get the idea to search her name online. Most likely he’ll find his lady on a few other international matchmaking sites. Does that make her a scammer? No! Most singles are members are several different dating sites, especially if they are serious about finding their perfect match.


Why have some been members for many years?

Men are often curious how long a Russian bride has been a member of a dating site. The only way to know for sure is to ask her, but once he hears 2, 3, maybe 4 years, he assumes she’s making money from the agency or the site and must be a scammer. Wrong again! Plenty of singles are members of dating sites for many years! Not everyone can be fortunate enough to meet and marry their soul mate within a matter of months. Marriage, especially a multicultural marriage, is a life changing decision and should never be rushed.


Why do some ladies never reply to emails?

After a gentleman has emailed a beautiful Ukrainian woman, and doesn't receive a reply, he assumes she must have been a faked profile. In actuality, she just may not have been interested, or is already chatting with a few potential matches, or may have already found a match and neglected to tell her agency to remove her profile. There are multitudes of viable reasons. Rather than jump to conclusions, just move on to the next lady.


No one ever said that online dating was easy. It does give singles more options and more opportunities, but it can also take away feelings of security and fuel paranoia. Men who are truly interested in finding an Eastern European wife should try Russian dating themselves, rather than believing agency scam sites or concocting uncanny excuses.