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Anna Kournikova: A hottie and a hero

3. December 2009 by Administrator 0 Comments

Russian tennis hottie and international sex symbol Anna Kournikova has a lot more than looks going for her. It turns out she gives a lot, too.

After first picking up the racquet at the age of five, Kournikova has never forgotten how lucky she was as a child to live such an enchanting and successful lifestyle. Constantly giving money to reputable charities, and playing in matches for charity around the world, Kournikova is a true Russian woman hero.

Matches held for charity are known to tennis players and fans as World Team Tennis matches. However, besides playing in these matches that help benefit people around the world, Kournikova also participates in the Boys and Girls Club of America. She even took part in the Get Animated Campaign with the Cartoon Network, whose purpose it was to talk about the importance of parents and children being active together.

Another charity near and dear to her heart is PSI, a US nongovernmental organization. It specifically focuses on promoting healthy living for children in Third World countries. Finally, Kournikova has assisted workers in Haiti gain access to clean water for the country’s population to drink.

Back and spinal injuries likely led to Kournikova’s retiring. Today she lives in Miami Beach, FL and still sometimes plays in exhibitions and doubles.Throughout Anna Kournikova’s tennis years, she won many matches and world championships. She is known to many professionals in the sport as an athletic star.

But to many underprivileged adults and children, Anna Kournikova is known simply as a true Russian hero!