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An Easy Outline for Effective Intro Letters

29. June 2010 by Michelle 0 Comments

Once you searched through the database of beautiful Russian and Ukrainian women and found a few you'd like to start communicating with, it's time to send some introduction letters. However, some gentlemen just don't know what to begin typing. While introduction emails are important, it's wise to keep them short and sweet yet informative. Here's an effective outline to follow.


Your Names

Just like face to face introductions, your first email should always include her name, as well as your own. It's polite and personal to address a Russian woman by her name first, and then immediately introduce yourself. This gives the correspondence a comfortable, conversational feel.


Why You Chose Her

Russian and Ukrainian brides know that there are thousands of single ladies looking for love online. After introducing yourself, let her know exactly what attracted you to her profile. This will impress her and increase the chances of a fast response.


Your Time to Shine

Next, include a few sentences about yourself that may not be fully explained in your profile. Maybe share some details about your profession, your hometown, or your hobbies. Be careful not to exaggerate, but make sure to show off your best qualities.


A Reason to Write Back

Finish your introduction letter with a few questions that you'd like her to answer. Be respectful and select questions that show you are genuinely interested in learning more about her. Specific inquiries related to her photos or profile information are a good start.


Your introduction letters give Russian girls a glimpse into who you are, so using proper grammar and puncuation will show you are intelligent and professional. The translators will appreciate it as well. Start introducing yourself to new Russian brides today!