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A Shared Language Leads to Better Communication

18. December 2012 by Christy 0 Comments

Though our translators help couples connect every day, many members of Russian Love Match want to improve their communication skills by learning their match’s language, be it Russian, Ukrainian, English, or something else.

Ukrainian Women Learning English

Though most Ukrainian women study English at some point in their lives, not all become fluent and many need help communicating with Western men. One way to improve a woman’s English skills is to help her learn the language. You can do this by teaching her new words and expressions, including slang she’s unlikely to learn abroad. This will be invaluable should a woman leave her home in Eastern Europe to move to your hometown. It’s also a fun way to connect with a special lady!

Formal English lessons, available in the Russian Love Match gift shop, are another option. Taught by an experienced instructor three times a week over the course of three months, RLM’s English lessons are a great way to invest in the future of your relationship.

Western Learning Men Learning Ukrainian

Of course, you shouldn’t expect a woman to do all the work. While a special lady is studying English, try to learn her language as well. Formal lessons are available at various universities around the world, though computer programs like Rosetta Stone are also helpful. Many sites also offer free lessons online.

Good communication skills are crucial to maintaining a healthy and happy relationship. International couples who study one another's language have the best shot at long-term success.