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A New Miss Russian Beauty is Crowned

6. December 2011 by Michelle 0 Comments

One of the longest running beauty pageants in Russia was held last week at Kosmos concert hall in Moscow. Fifty gorgeous Russian women from different regions wanted to win Miss Russian Beauty 2011. From designer gowns and club wear to swimsuits and traditional dresses, the ladies donned several outfits for the audience. 


In addition to demonstrating their beauty, the ladies were tested on their intellect and communication skills by having to answer several questions. However, the most challenging event of the evening was when they all performed a choreographed dance with real, live snakes!


Alexandar Inshakov, actor and President of the Russia Stuntman Association, led the panel of judges in making the difficult decision of which young lady would receive the diamond encrusted crown. In the end, it was 23-year-old Natalya Pereverzeva who received the highest score.


The winner of last year's Russian Beauty pageant, Daria Konovalova, crowned the new winner. Natalya is currently working as a model and financier, as well as studying for a post-graduate degree from the Moscow Financial Academy. She admits her new position will slightly shift her focus.


"For all the honor of being Miss Russian Beauty, this title also imposes many obligations. I will probably give up my work as a financier for some time. It’s a bit too hard to combine my work in the Finance Ministry with taking part in endless shows and photo sessions. Besides, according to the rules, Miss Russian Beauty has to take part in multiple charity actions. And, of course, I am going to get ready for the Miss Earth beauty contest," Natalya said.


Enjoy these pics from the show!



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