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A Guide to Intimacy Requests...

10. October 2012 by Christy 0 Comments

Puzzled by the Intimacy Request process on Here’s everything you need to know about submitting a request and what comes next.

The Intimacy Request

An Intimacy Request is essentially a request to exchange personal contact information with a woman. Despite its titillating name, members aren’t submitting a formal request to become “intimate” with a woman, they’re just taking the first step in moving their relationship forward. A gentleman must be a Qualified Member (Premium Member who has spent at least 1,000 credits) and IMBRA approved before he can submit an Intimacy Request.

Submitting the Intimacy Request

Once your IMBRA status is approved, a new icon will appear in the ladies’ profile cards. Click on this icon to submit a request. After clicking this icon, the system will deduct 100 credits from your account as a processing fee and send the Intimacy Request to the Russian lady you are interested  in. The Intimacy Request button will then turn gray while the request is being reviewed. If the lady declines the Request, the icon will turn red and the 100 credits will be refunded to your account. If the lady accepts the Intimacy Request, the icon on her Profile card will turn green. 


What Comes Next

Once you’ve submitted an Intimacy Request and the lady has approved it, the two of you may exchange personal contact information and make plans to meet in person. You may also enjoy unfiltered chat on Russian Love Match. That means the two of you can share phone numbers, addresses, and social media info, as well as engage in adult chat.

Some couples leave RLM after they complete the Intimacy Request process, while others continue to take advantage of the site’s fun and unique features like live video streaming and onsite translators. Couples who have completed the Intimacy Request process can leave Russian Love Match at any time or continue to use the service as long as they want. Be sure to ask a lady how she prefers to communicate before you submit an Intimacy Request instead of submitting the request and assuming she’ll leave RLM.

Ready to send an Intimacy Request or find future Intimacy Request recipients? Log on to Russian Love Match to get started.