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A Glossary for

3. May 2010 by Christy 0 Comments

Ever been confused by a phrase or expression on Here is a simple glossary of the most common terms, services, and features you will see on our site.

Ladies and gentlemen – This one is fairly straightforward, but to be clear the term “gentlemen” refers to men, members or not, who are interested in dating Russian women. The term “ladies” refers to the single Russian women on RussianLoveMatch. 

Credits – The currency of the site. Members use credits to contact the ladies via email, instant chat, live video streaming, etc. 

Membership Levels (Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum) – The four tiers of membership, each with its own credit and gift shop discounts, email and picture allotments, etc. Bronze is free. Silver, Gold, and Platinum are paid memberships that renew monthly.

Credit Package – A bundle of credits offered at discounted rates. Members can purchase packages with 50, 110, 200, or 500 credits.

Premium Members – Members who have purchased a Silver, Gold, or Platinum membership. Premium members enjoy video streaming and chat discounts and can participate in our credit referral program.

Credit Referral Program – A program that allows members to earn free credits by referring new members. Only available to premium members.

Introduction Email – A simple introduction, or first contact, email. Billed differently than consecutive, follow-up emails.

Follow-up Email – An email sent to a lady after an initial introduction email. Billed differently than introduction emails.

Black Book – A contact management feature that allows members to easily keep track of correspondence. The Black Book also allows members to categorize their potential matches as "Favorites," "Admirers," and "Matches.”

  – A "Favorite" is a lady a gentleman adds to his Favorites folder. An "Admirer" is a lady who adds a gentleman to her Favorites folder. A "Match" is when a lady and a gentleman both add each other to their Favorites.

Live Video Streaming – A service that streams live video of a lady. Members can view this video while chatting with the lady or they can simply view the video and not chat.

Introduction Videos – A short video in a lady’s profile. In the videos, ladies typically show off their personality, speak directly to members, and/or share a little information about their lives.

Web Hostess – A customer service representative who answers questions and provides assistance via live video chat. We offer this free service 7 days a week.

Introduction Agencies – A Russian or Ukrainian-based business that offers computers, web cams, and a location for Russian women to engage in online dating. The agencies also provide translators to help ladies communicate with gentlemen.

Video Validation – An identity validation and scam protection policy required by To join our site, each new lady must state on video that she is using the service of her own free will, that she will not accept money to use the site, and that she will not request money or gifts from any of our members.

Qualified Members – Members with a current premium membership (Silver, Gold, or Platinum) who have also used at least 1,000 credits. Members must be qualified before they can complete the IMBRA and intimacy request process.

IMBRA – International Marriage Broker Regulation Act. A United States federal statute that requires background checks for all marriage visa sponsors and limits serial visa applications. IMBRA also requires background checks before speech or other forms of communication are permitted between American citizens and foreign nationals.

Intimacy Requests – A request to exchange personal contact information with a lady. Only qualified members may submit intimacy requests.