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4 Ways to Chat Up the Women of Russian Love Match

6. January 2012 by Christy 0 Comments

Not sure what to say to the women of Here are four ideas to help you get a conversation rolling.

Russian Holidays

Residents of the Former Soviet Union are in the midst of holiday celebrations, thanks to Christmas Eve (January 6th), Russian Orthodox Christmas (January 7th), and Russia’s Old New Year (January 13th). Why not chat about how the women celebrate these special occasions?

Interests and Hobbies

Discussing hobbies and interests is a great way for couples to get to know one another. Ask your Russian sweetheart what she likes to do in her spare time. Does she enjoy traveling? Cooking? Reading? If you discover a common interest, ask follow up questions and share your ideas on the subject. You may also want to send a lady photos of you enjoying your favorite hobby and ask her to do the same. Many women discuss their hobbies and interests in their introduction videos so be sure to view your lady’s video if she has one.


Current Events

There are a lot of interesting things going on in Russia and the Ukraine (Ukraine’s handling of Yulia Tymoshenko, the controversy surrounding Vladimir Putin) that you may wish to discuss with the women who live there. While we normally advise members to steer clear of politics, it is possible to have a rational, thought-provoking discussion as long as both parties are respectful and open minded.

Puzzling Profile Pics

If you’ve been a member of RussianLoveMatch for more than a few days, you’ve likely noticed a few funny, interesting, or downright bizarre profile photos. Why not strike up a conversation about these peculiar pics? When you see a lady with an unusual photo, ask about it. Find out why she decided to don a crazy costume, strike an unusual pose, or carry a crazy prop. Often a lady’s answer will reveal much more about her than the profile text. Even seemingly tame photos can generate a lively conversation if you ask the right questions.

We hope these ideas help. Good luck and have fun chatting with the beautiful women of Russian Love Match.