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3 Ways Russian Love Match Outshines Many Mainstream Sites

24. October 2012 by Christy 0 Comments

While many people think of Russian dating sites as being shady and scandalous, Russian Love Match outshines several mainstream services in many significant ways. Here are three complaints from and why members of RLM don't have to deal with these common issues.


We Don't Allow Members to Ask for Money

“(Site) is full of scammers. I have been asked for money by subscribers several times. I see the same members posting under a different username, and when I identify them to (the site) it takes days for them to remove them.”

It’s against the rules for the women on Russian Love Match to ask men for money or gifts (and vice versa). In fact, before joining the site, each woman records a validation video in which she states she will not solicit members for money or presents. Now, it’d be inaccurate to say none of the women on RLM ever breaks this rule. However, we strictly forbid them from doing so and will terminate a woman’s account if she refuses to follow the rules. 


We Remove Inactive Profiles

“Many profiles to whom I have written are cancelled, non-existent, and no longer online. (Service) has not deleted these profiles, which caused great emotional strain.”

We also work hard to ensure the profiles on RLM are accurate and up-to-date. How? When a woman leaves the site we immediately deactivate her profile. Not only that, but we automatically purge profiles that have been inactive for several months to account for women who drop out unexpectedly. If a man tries to access an old profile (by clicking on an old pictorial or link, for example), he will see this error message: “The profile you were trying to view is no longer active or is invalid.”

Our Customer Service is Readily Available and Responsive

“No one has replied to my emails, and to top it off, no one picks up the phone in customer service...they have a voicemail box that wants to call you back!!!"

Our friendly, bilingual customer service team is available seven days a week to assist members with any issues that arise. Depending on the time of day, customers can reach us by phone, email, post, web form, or live video streaming. We also help customers with a variety of issues, be it scammer concerns or questions about how to use the site. If a customer does go to voicemail for some reason, he can be sure someone will promptly return his call. Another good thing about RLM is that we’re located in the United States, so members don’t have to worry about vast time zone differences or dealing with non-English speakers.


Russian Love Match is not only a legitimate service, it's also superior to mainstream sites in several key ways. Sign up now to experience the benefits for yourself!