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3 Things You Should Know About a Promising Match

22. June 2012 by Christy 0 Comments

If you've found a promising match on RLM, chances are good that you're elated, enthusiastic, and excited about the future. However, don't let your fuzzy feelings keep you from learning the answers to these three important questions. 


Can She Chat Off the Site?

Once a couple completes the Intimacy Request process, they are free to exchange personal contact information and communicate outside of Many gentlemen assume a completed Intimacy Request means the end of using RLM to chat, but this isn’t always possible for the ladies.

A good number of women do not own a home computer so they rely on RLM's agency computers and web cams to chat with foreign men. The ladies can also continue to use the service of agency translators and interpreters, another major benefit. Plus, some ladies enjoy talking to other women searching for love abroad. For these reasons, and others, many women prefer to remain on Russian Love Match even after they have exchanged contact info with a gentleman. Some men grow upset when they complete the Intimacy Request process only to learn that a lady cannot or will not communicate off the site. Therefore, we highly recommend that a gentleman ask about a lady’s chat preferences and abilities before requesting her personal contact information.


What Are Her Goals for Marriage and Family?

If things appear to be growing serious between you and a special lady, it may be time to broach the subject of marriage and children. When does she hope to be married? Does she want children? If she already has a child or two, does she want more? Most importantly, do her goals align with your own? If you and a special lady have wildly different plans it may be time to consider a compromise or re-evaluate the future of your relationship.


Does She Want a Career?

Similarly, it’s important to ask about a lady’s career plans and goals. If the lady is a student does she plan to finish her education before getting married? Would she like to work in a certain field? Does she want to be a housewife, should finances allow, or would she prefer to work outside the home? Do you share her views on marriage and the individual roles men and women play?  Again, wildly different viewpoints could spell trouble for the future.


You should always try to learn about the hopes, dreams, and abilities of your Russian lady as they play a  huge role in your relationship.