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3 Things Ukrainian Ladies Love About You

3. November 2011 by Michelle 0 Comments

While some Russian brides are dreaming of Prince Charming, others just want a strong, caring man to grow old with them. They typically aren't concerned with looks, age, or wealth, but rather focus on intrinsic qualities and how they are treated.


If you demonstrate these three traits when chatting with ladies on, you'll likely get a little more attention and get closer to finding your soul mate!


You Take It Slow

Men obviously walk into this Russian dating experience with marriage on their minds but women appreciate those who can demonstrate a little patience. Rushing into a romantic relationship and discussing wedding plans too soon can scare ladies away.


You Crack Up Yet Buckle Down

Ladies like guys who know how to goof off but can also be serious when needed. Laughter really brings couples closer together. Cute jokes and funny profile photos will make the girls smile, but when she needs someone to vent to or a shoulder to cry on, you need to be that man too.


You're a Charming Gentleman

Plenty of Russian women still prefer to play traditional family roles and enjoy being the feminine flower while their husband is the strong protector. Being a true gentleman and courting these girls with charm and respect is the ultimate way to win their hearts.


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