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3 Things Russian Women Do That Make Men Think They're Scammers, Not Serious

6. October 2010 by Christy 0 Comments

When it comes to Russian women and international dating services like RussianLoveMatch, gentlemen fear the ladies aren't serious about finding a match, or worse, they're scammers who are paid to chat with men. Here are 3 things women do that make men think the ladies are up to no good, and why these actions are not necessarily an indication of dishonest behavior.


They Post Sexy Profile Pictures

What men think it means: Some believe that the sexily-dressed women on RussianLoveMatch are bait designed to lure men into using the service, that a lady in lingerie or a bikini couldn’t possibly be serious about finding love, or even that the ladies are sex workers of some kind. 

What it actually means:
The women want to get a man’s attention. There are thousands of beautiful women on RussianLoveMatch, the ladies know this, and they want to stand out in some way. Sexy photos are an easy and effective way to do this. Many of the ladies also work hard to look good and want to show off their physical achievements.


They Chat With Several Men

What men think it means: Some men think that the ladies on RussianLoveMatch chat with multiple gentlemen because they are paid to do so or because they want gifts and attention and aren’t truly serious about finding a partner.  

What it actually means:
The ladies chat with multiple gentlemen for the same reason men chat with multiple women: they want to save time and improve their chances of finding a great match by getting to know several people at once. However, unlike the gentlemen, the ladies’ time at a computer is limited so it is even more important that they use their time on RussianLoveMatch wisely.


They Send General Emails

What men think it means: At times, a gentleman will receive a general letter from a lady, usually an introduction letter, and think the lack of personal details means the lady is paid to write as many letters as possible and isn’t sincere about finding a match.   

What it actually means: The ladies, like the men, send general letters (at least at first) because it saves time and the “getting to know” you conversations are essentially the same. Once a man reciprocates a lady’s interest and shares a few intriguing details, the letters will get more personal. 


Yes, Russian scammers do exist and they have been known to post titillating photos, send vague or general emails, and chat with many men at the same time. However, many ladies have a perfectly good reason for doing these 3 things and Western suitors should try not to jump to conclusions.