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Russian Dating: 3 Simple Tips

21. June 2010 by Christy 0 Comments

As the "Tips and Advice" category of this blog proves, there are many things to consider when pursuing Russian women online. However, there are 3 simple tips that come up time and time again. They are:


Be Realistic

Thanks to prevalent rumors about the Russian dating industry many men bring unrealistic expectations to sites such as ours. Some men believe Russian women will automatically jump at the chance to marry a foreigner. Others think that the ladies are obligated to respond to their advances and accommodate their every wish. Even more think that it only takes a few emails to woo and marry a Russian bride. If you want to be successful on RussianLoveMatch, you must rid yourself of unrealistic expectations. Do a little research before investing time and money in Russian dating, know what to expect. The more you know the better your chances of succeeding.


Don't Rush

We’ve said it several times before, and we’ll say it several times again. If you want to have a real, successful relationship with a Russian woman you cannot rush things. Sure, the costs of Russian dating can add up and you want to skip to the “happily ever after,” but this stage of romance is impossible to reach if you do not allow yourself enough time to build a solid relationship. Know what you are getting into before investing time and money in Russian dating. Finding true love isn’t easy and the men who found significant others on our site did so by biding their time and being patient.


Don't Do It for the Wrong Reasons

Some gentlemen are attracted to Russian dating for the wrong reasons. They may long for a beautiful woman to make their friends envious, their ex jealous, someone who will selflessly cater to their every need without expressing any desires of her own. Unfortunately, such women do not exist and men who come to Russian dating sites with this ideal in mind only set themselves up for disappointment. Men who are genuinely seeking a true companion are more successful than those who want a beautiful doll.


The three basic of truths of Russian dating are this: men (and women) must have realistic expectations, they must let a relationship progress naturally and not rush things, and they must be in it for the right reasons. These are the prequisites for a healthy, happy Russian dating relationship.