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3 Reasons Summer is a Great Time for Russian Dating

21. June 2013 by Christy 0 Comments

Today marks the official start of summer. How will you spend the season? Here are three reasons summer is a particularly good time for Russian dating. 


More Time Off for Travel

Summer is a popular time to take a break from work, which means many men can enjoy trips to Russia or Ukraine. Beach destinations like Yalta and Simferopol are particularly appealing, and many cities host special summer events such as festivals dedicated to music and film. Even if you’re not ready to head abroad, you could also use your extra free time to chat up new women or better get to know a potential match. 


Bikini Pics!

Speaking of the beach, the arrival of summer means hot weather and that means more women will be donning their favorite bikinis both on the beach and on camera. Keep an eye on your favorite ladies’ profiles for new stunning bikini pics. 


More Women Online

Though thousands of women log on to Russian Love Match year round, the ladies are particularly active during the warm months of spring and summer as there are fewer distractions caused by things like brutal weather, university studies, and national holidays. Many women also enjoy time of work and school during the summer and spend it chatting online.


Join Russian Love Match to spend your summer chatting and flirting with the beautiful women of Russian and Ukraine.  


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