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3 Reasons Men Think RussianLoveMatch Pays Women to Chat

30. August 2010 by Christy 0 Comments

The claim that pays women to chat is one of the most common myths about our service. Here are 3 reasons men think we pay ladies to chat and the truth behind these misleading claims.


“She Won't Chat Off RussianLoveMatch!”

Some ladies wish to communicate exclusively through RussianLoveMatch, even after they have exchanged personal contact information with a gentleman. This causes some men to cry scam. After all, why would the ladies want to remain on the site unless they were getting paid?

There are several honest reasons a lady may wish to continue chatting through our site. Many women don’t have home computers and prefer to use the free equipment at local agencies. Some rely on the help of translators to effectively communicate with Western men. Others simply feel more safe and comfortable communicating through the service. Gentlemen should try to consider a lady’s situation and point of view before assuming she’s being paid. 


“I Saw a Report Online!”

We are well aware of the blacklist websites and forum posts that insist we pay women to chat. However, gentlemen should carefully consider the source before blindly believing such tales. Who are the authors of these reports? Are they anonymous? Are they owners of Russian dating consulting firms or international matchmaking services, in other words competitors of RussianLoveMatch? Are the authors somehow affiliated with our competitors? Are they disgruntled suitors who want to seek revenge? Most importantly, do they have proof, real proof, of any wrongdoing? Screen shots? Chat transcripts? User IDs? Objective gentlemen will see that the reports on blacklists aren’t nearly as unbiased or as black and white as the authors want men to believe.



“A Lady Admitted It!”

From time to time, gentlemen contact our customer service department and claim a lady on RussianLoveMatch told him she’s paid to chat (or know someone online who heard this confession). While we go to great lengths to select reputable agencies and protect members from scammers, dishonest entities and shady ladies may still slip through the cracks. If a lady or agency violates our Terms of Use we will remove them from However, we can’t act unless we have proof and that's something the vast majority of paid to chat confession stories simply don't have. Why? Because we don't pay Russian women to chat!

Members who come across a suspicious lady or hear a supposed paid to chat confession, should take down the lady’s User ID and save a record of their chats or emails. The more details the better! Vague or second-hand stories are not enough to ban an agency or a lady.


It doesn't matter what we do. There will always be competitors, disgruntled suitors, and Russian dating haters who insist RussianLoveMatch is a scam and that no gentleman should ever use our service. We simply hope that members and potential members will remain objective and reason things out for themselves before believing the myths and refusing to use our service.