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3 More Conversation Topic Ideas

23. June 2010 by Christy 0 Comments

Coming up with things to to talk about is one of the biggest challenges facing online daters. This is especially true of sites like, where men and women speak different languages and live halfway across the world from one another. If you're struggling for ideas, here are 3 simple topics to get you started.


A Lady's Photos

As you’ve surely noticed, the majority women on have stunningly beautiful profile photos. However, many of the ladies have quirky, cute, or even bizarre photos as well. Try “Women With Weapons,” “Musical Ladies,” “Me and My Pet,” or one of our other themed photo galleries to see a few examples (or the photo in this article). Such photos are conversation gold as they are sure to inspire many interesting questions and get you many interesting responses.  


Her Interests and Hobbies

Many women mention hobbies in their profiles. Some ladies even include a candid photo of them enjoying their favorite hobby. This is great fodder for conversations, especially if the two of you have similar interests. If a lady does not discuss her hobbies, ask her what they are and then include a few follow up questions. Ask why she likes reading/playing sports/studying different languages and how long she’s enjoyed these activities. Follow up questions are important as they help keep a conversation flowing and encourage responses that can offer great insight into a lady’s personality. Many ladies’ Introduction Videos also include information about their interests. 


Vacation and Travel

Many Russian and Ukrainian women, especially students, spend a lot of time traveling in the summer. Inquiring about a lady’s travel plans or asking how a past vacation went are two easy ways to initiate a conversation. You may also want to ask your lady about some of the sites featured in our “Travel and Immigration” category. Feel free to discuss interesting locations in your own area as well. One of the best things about meeting women on international dating sites like RussianLoveMatch is the opportunity to share the delights of each other’s countries.


For more ideas about what to talk about and what NOT to discuss, please view "Ways to Start a Conversation with a Russian Woman and "Conversation Topics to Avoid."