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3 Don'ts When Dating Russian Women Online

12. July 2010 by Michelle 0 Comments

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Are you still searching for a Russian woman for marriage? After a few emails and live chat sessions, do you find that the ladies tend to turn away? Russian and Ukrainian girls may not respond well to some attitudes and behaviors that men unknowingly exhibit online. Avoid these 3 actions when courting Russian ladies.


Be Pessimistic

Russian girls are excited to meet new men online and eager to chat about all sorts of topics. The fastest way to burst their bubble is with negative talk like complaining about your job, your life, or anything else. Also, using too much sarcasm may confuse them, offend them, or both.


Act Like You're Better Than Them

While you may have a few years on these single Ukrainian girls and have more life experience, you won’t impress them by constantly boasting about yourself or how much you know about Russia and Ukraine. These ladies like educated men, but not know-it-alls. And chances are, they will teach you a thing to two.


Promise to Visit But Never Do

Chatting with gorgeous Russian girls online is great, but getting to finally meet them in person is the best part! The ladies love chatting as well, but they are serious about settling down with their soul mates. If you’re promising to visit your favorite ladies but don't even have a passport, they will think you’re not serious and continue their search elsewhere.


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