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[23 Feb 2010]

Russian women celebrate Men’s Day by giving small gifts to the Russian men in their lives. [More]

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[19 Feb 2010]

Since this historic Russian city is located across the delta of the Neva River, it actually sits upon hundreds of small islands, making bridges a necessity... [More]

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[9 Feb 2010]

It's the time of year when Russians celebrate Pancake Week by feasting on blinis and welcoming the return of spring... [More]

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[25 Jan 2010]

Tatyana's Day, Student's Day, and Moscow State University's birthday are all celebrated today. Enjoy these beautiful photos of Russian brides named Tatyana! [More]

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[21 Jan 2010]

Bread is a common staple food worldwide, but Ukrainians bake bread into many different shapes and sizes, with beautiful decorations that look like works of art. [More]

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[19 Jan 2010]

January 19 marks the Russian Orthodox holiday of Epiphany. The below freezing temperatures of the Moscow River didn't stop thousands of brave believers from taking the plunge... [More]

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[8 Jan 2010]

Russian Orthodox Christmas services were held all over the world the last 2 days. President Medvedev celebrated at Moscow's Christ the Savior Church. [More]

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[7 Jan 2010]

The first week of 2010 has already breezed by and we've celebrated 3 Russian name days! In case you missed them, here's the lovely ladies you still have time celebrate. [More]

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[6 Jan 2010]

January 7th marks the Russian Orthodox Christmas and many are already attending religious ceremonies on this Christmas Eve. [More]

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[28 Dec 2009]

Are you chatting with an Anastasia or Evgenia? Check this list so you can wish your favorite Russian lady a happy name day... [More]