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[9 May 2012]

Today, May 9th, is Victory Day in Russia so to celebrate the occasion, Premium Members can watch ladies' profile videos FREE! [More]

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[12 Apr 2012]

Today is Cosmonauts Day, a day honoring the historic space flight of Russian cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin. [More]

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[9 Apr 2012]

Religious Russians are now observing Passion Week, a week dedicated to the events leading up to Jesus Christ's crucifixion and resurrection. [More]

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[4 Apr 2012]

While some Russian girls will celebrate Easter with Western culture on April 8th, then again with the Eastern Orthodox Church on April 15th, they are all likely preparing breads and eggs for the big feast... [More]

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[15 Mar 2012]

Think Russian women don't like St. Patrick's Day. Think again! Russian men and women love this festive Irish holiday as much as revelers in any other nation. [More]

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[29 Feb 2012]

If you're thinking of popping the question to a special Ukrainian woman, be aware that she may not want to get married in 2012 thanks to common leap year superstitions. [More]

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[10 Jan 2012]

Putin’s Kiss, a documentary directed by Danish filmmaker Lise Birk Pedersen, has been selected to compete in this year’s Sundance Film Festival. [More]

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[6 Jan 2012]

Typically observed on January 6th (Christmas Eve per the Julian calendar followed by the Orthodox Church), the Holy Supper consists of twelve meatless dishes representing the twelve apostles who shared the last meal with Christ. [More]

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[4 Jan 2012]

Though exciting and fun, introducing your new bride to family and friends can also be stressful. Help smooth the process by following these three simple tips. [More]

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[3 Jan 2012]

Are you chatting with ladies named Anastasia, Evgenia, Maria or Tatyana? These names, and several others, are being celebrated this month... [More]