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[3 Aug 2011]

Thanks to common Russian dating stereotypes, many people believe Russian women have ulterior motives when it comes to looking for love on an international dating site. [More]

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[25 Jul 2011]

While most men enjoy the professional profile photos on, others are suspicious, believing the beautiful pics are the sign of a scam. However, this simply isn't the case. [More]

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[22 Jul 2011]

While the majority of women on RLM want kids, not all ladies have the desire to start a family. For some, the love of special gentleman is more than enough. [More]

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[20 Jul 2011]

Many gentlemen avoid Russian dating websites because they believe such services cater only to men who want date young women. However, this simply isn't the case. [More]

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[5 Jul 2011]

Though every traveler and situation is different, we recommend that most gentlemen plan to meet more than one woman when traveling to Eastern Europe. Here's why [More]

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[20 Jun 2011]

The ladies of RussianLoveMatch are interested in meeting men from around the world and will not turn a suitor away simply because he isn't from the United States. [More]

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[14 Jun 2011]

Many gentlemen are understandably smitten by the gorgeous young women on and are tempted to date women 10, 20, or even 30 years their junior. However, is this is a good idea? [More]

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[10 Jun 2011]

The majority of women on Russian dating sites are searching for long-term love, but are restricted to email and chat because most men never get on a plane [More]

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[20 May 2011]

Thinking of sending money to your Russian honey? Don't! Sending money to anyone other than a fiance is almost always a bad idea. [More]

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[29 Apr 2011]

Unlike many Russian dating sites, RussianLovematch doesn't charge translation fees for each and every email. We instead include translation and interpretation services in the cost of membership, a benefit that saves our members a lot of cash! [More]