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[2 Feb 2012]

Men in the military may shy away from Russian Love Match for a variety of reasons. [More]

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[20 Jan 2012]

As you've probably noticed, the vast majority of women on are from Ukraine. This might seem strange considering the site is called RUSSIAN Love Match. Here's an explanation. [More]

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[18 Jan 2012]

Many Russian bride seekers want to know how much time they should expect to spend on Russian Love Match before finding a bride. Unfortunately, there's no "average" time frame. [More]

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[10 Jan 2012]

Should older men stay away from young Russian women? It depends... [More]

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[7 Dec 2011]

Since the internet opened up a whole world of opportunities for single men, Russia and Ukraine seem to be the most popular places for find marriageable mates... [More]

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[28 Nov 2011]

Some skeptics worry that emails from Russian women are faked, but there really is a beautiful single lady exploring her creativity and exposing her emotions behind every written letter... [More]

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[15 Nov 2011]

Since the female members of are so beautiful and charming, gentlemen often wonder if they are paid to be online... [More]

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[10 Nov 2011]

Every man has a different reason for looking for his match in Russia or Ukraine, but here are a few common reasons... [More]

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[20 Oct 2011]

Many members naturally want to know if men ever meet their future brides on [More]

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[14 Oct 2011]

Here are three reasons to check out one of RLM's most popular features. [More]