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[25 Jul 2013]

Need a simple way to narrow the dating pool? Head on over to the Advanced Search page! [More]

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[24 Jul 2013]

While it’s fine to highlight your attractive qualities, it’s best to show, not tell, the women of RLM why you’d make a great partner. [More]

Russian Women »

[19 Jul 2013]

Though many people think of Russia and Ukraine as being cold, nations, several areas of the countries enjoy the warmth and sun of a typical summer. Here are a few ways the ladies of Russian Love Match have fun in the sun. [More]

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[16 Jul 2013]

Are you worried about your chances of finding a match on RLM? Here are a few things to consider. [More]

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[8 Jul 2013]

Think there's something inherently wrong with Russian men? Here are a few things to keep in mind.

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[5 Jul 2013]

Hoping to visit a special woman in the near future? Here are three things to keep in mind when planning your visit. [More]

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[2 Jul 2013]

At times, the language barriers and cultural differences that come with Russian dating make it difficult for a man to determine if a woman’s into him. Are you wondering if a particular woman likes you? Here are three simple ways to tell. [More]

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[1 Jul 2013]

Here are a few reasons men love international dating and [More]

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[26 Jun 2013]

Here are three types of Russian dating scammers and how Russian Love Match fights back against scams. [More]

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[24 Jun 2013]

Some men assume that because the women of Russian Love Match aren’t native English speakers it isn’t important to use proper grammar, spelling, or punctuation in emails and chat. Here’s why this assumption is a big mistake. [More]