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Russian Dating »

[3 May 2010]

When you start chatting with gorgeous Ukrainian girls online, you want to be respectful in what you say. Here are 3 topics that scare women away... [More]

Places to See »

[23 Apr 2010]

Ukraine’s cities are swathed in rich history and culture and Dnepropetrovsk is no exception. Built upon the shores of the Dnieper River, travelers head to this city time and again for the beautiful Ukrainian women and these amazing attractions... [More]

Random Stuff »

[21 Apr 2010]

Olga Kurylenko is one of the hottest Ukrainian actresses. Lately, she's been very busy with Esquire magazine photo shoots and filming new movies... [More]

Tips and Advice »

[1 Apr 2010]

How compatible are you with your favorite Russian and Ukrainian ladies? Find out now by using the Zodiac Compatibility tools! [More]

Russian Women »

[31 Mar 2010]

March 31st, April 1st, and April 2nd are Russian name days for these gorgeous Russian and Ukrainian girls... [More]

Russian Culture »

[31 Mar 2010]

Do Ukrainian women celebrate Easter? Most of them do! In fact, the tradition of decorating eggs may have originated in Ukraine... [More]

Russian Women »

[23 Mar 2010]

The Russian name Galina means calm, peaceful, and serene. Take a look at these photos of beautiful Russian brides sharing this name... [More]

Questions »

[15 Mar 2010]

This question pops up as soon as men start browsing the profiles on You may never fully understand how so many ladies from the same area are so attractive, but you can learn a few of the reasons here... [More]

Russian Culture »

[4 Mar 2010]

Popular topics of discussion between the men and women on is about their daily lives, culture and how they differ... [More]

Questions »

[19 Feb 2010]

Men often wonder why there are so many younger Russian and Ukrainian brides online and if they are really serious about marriage... [More]