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Russian Dating »

[14 Jun 2010]

Russian and Ukrainian ladies love romantic gentlemen, but some guys have a hard time being that way over the internet. Here are some suggestions... [More]

Places to See »

[14 Jun 2010]

Like Stonehenge and the Pyramids, Kamyana Mohyla is an incredible historical marvel that must be included in your trip to visit the beautiful Ukrainian brides of Melitopol! [More]

Questions »

[4 Jun 2010]

For men who want to speed up their soul mate search, try these 3 tactics... [More]

Random Stuff »

[20 May 2010]

Have you ever seen a beauty pageant solely for women working in the nuclear industry? Check out the winners of Miss Atom 2010! [More]

Russian Women »

[13 May 2010]

Irina is a very popular Russian bride name. New Irinas are signing up to every day! Say hello to these gorgeous girls... [More]

Russian Dating »

[3 May 2010]

When you start chatting with gorgeous Ukrainian girls online, you want to be respectful in what you say. Here are 3 topics that scare women away... [More]

Places to See »

[23 Apr 2010]

Ukraine’s cities are swathed in rich history and culture and Dnepropetrovsk is no exception. Built upon the shores of the Dnieper River, travelers head to this city time and again for the beautiful Ukrainian women and these amazing attractions... [More]

Travel & Immigration »

[8 Apr 2010]

Have you started some meaningful relationships with Russian ladies online? The next step is to travel and meet them, but make sure you're fully prepared first... [More]

Russian Women »

[31 Mar 2010]

March 31st, April 1st, and April 2nd are Russian name days for these gorgeous Russian and Ukrainian girls... [More]

Russian Women »

[23 Mar 2010]

The Russian name Galina means calm, peaceful, and serene. Take a look at these photos of beautiful Russian brides sharing this name... [More]