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Russian Dating »

[5 Jul 2013]

Hoping to visit a special woman in the near future? Here are three things to keep in mind when planning your visit. [More]

Tips and Advice »

[15 May 2013]

Considering a summer trip to Ukraine? Our handy phrases will help you enjoy one of the country's most beautiful seasons. [More]

Tips and Advice »

[4 Jan 2013]

Learn numbers and a few simple phrases for conducting simple transactions in Ukrainian shops and cafes. [More]

Travel & Immigration »

[16 Oct 2012]

Wine, cheese, waterfalls and hot springs: Explore the Transcarpathian region with a special Ukrainian lady. [More]

Russian Culture »

[15 Oct 2012]

Odessa memorializes the life of Steve Jobs in a monument titled, "Thanks, Steve!" The sculpture, which incorporates found metal objects such as gears, screws, bolts and bearings took over a year to create. [More]

Random Stuff »

[9 Oct 2012]

Keeping a vegetarian diet when you travel to Ukraine is difficult but possible. Our tips help you make the most of your trip. [More]

Places to See »

[5 Oct 2012]

Want to see some of the most gorgeous sights in Dneprpetrovsk, Ukraine's fourth-largest city? This gorgeous time-lapse video shows you how the city looks after dark. [More]

Places to See »

[28 Sep 2012]

You can spend up to 90 days in Ukraine without a visa. Take advantage of a long trip there by seeing all of the Seven Wonders of Ukraine. [More]

Places to See »

[30 May 2012]

The capital of Ukraine offers visitors a wide variety of things to do and see, but this summer the city will be even more spectacular since it's hosting five EURO 2012 matches, including the final... [More]

Places to See »

[29 May 2012]

Are you dating Ukrainian brides living in The City of a Million Roses? Donetsk is hosting EURO 2012 matches next month and summer is a great time to visit... [More]