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[20 May 2010]

GUM (pronounced goom) is an acronym for State Department Store, and while it may not be the most affordable place to purchase souvenirs, there are many other fabulous reasons to visit... [More]

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[23 Apr 2010]

Ukraine’s cities are swathed in rich history and culture and Dnepropetrovsk is no exception. Built upon the shores of the Dnieper River, travelers head to this city time and again for the beautiful Ukrainian women and these amazing attractions... [More]

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[8 Apr 2010]

Have you started some meaningful relationships with Russian ladies online? The next step is to travel and meet them, but make sure you're fully prepared first... [More]

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[25 Mar 2010]

Planning a trip to Berdyansk in the summer? Treat your favorite Ukrainian lady to a wet and wild day at the waterpark... [More]

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[19 Mar 2010]

Plan your next Russian vacation to the city that "The Sunday Times Travel Magazine" names one of the sexiest cities in the world... [More]

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[4 Mar 2010]

Concrete creatures cover this huge house in Kyiv. You must stop to take a look when traveling nearby... [More]

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[19 Feb 2010]

Since this historic Russian city is located across the delta of the Neva River, it actually sits upon hundreds of small islands, making bridges a necessity... [More]

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[16 Feb 2010]

Located at a plateau of the Chatyr-Dag Mountain Range, Marble Cave has been open to tourists since 1987 and is now the second most visited cave in Europe. [More]

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[16 Feb 2010]

The virtual journey features 150 hours of video taken from a window of a train as it winds through seven time zones, 12 regions, and 87 villages. [More]

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[12 Jan 2010]

Many gentlemen believe that visiting a Russian or Ukrainian woman leads to a life lived happily ever after. While fairy-tales endings certainly happen, a gentleman must make some serious decisions once he returns home. Here is some realistic advice about what to expect after you make the big journey. [More]