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[30 Jul 2013]

How can you let Russian brides know you're thinking about them or express those hard to say feelings? Send a Virtual Card! More...

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[11 Dec 2009]

Russian dating, like traditional dating, has its fair share of do's and dont's. When getting to know a Russian lady online there are certain things a gentlemen should do when composing and sending emails. Here's what NOT to do. [More]

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[30 Nov 2009]

You can find love on, if you are honestly looking for it. But cynicism and skepticism can derail your quest. [More]

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[25 Nov 2009]

Our friendly, bilingual customer service team is available seven days a week, via phone, email, or video chat, to assist members with any issues that arise. [More]

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[24 Nov 2009]

RussianLoveMatch offers a variety of convenient, high-tech chat features sure to please even the chattiest of men. [More]

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[20 Nov 2009]

From time to time, gentlemen will contact RussianLoveMatch and ask about our site's success rate. This concern is understandable. Every man seeking a Russian woman hopes to be part of a Russian bride success story. [More]

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[16 Nov 2009]

Do you wonder why some ladies smile in their profile pictures while others don't? Find out what a smile really means in Russia. [More]

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[16 Nov 2009]

Israeli men make great husbands: Warm, family oriented, protective and loyal -- all qualities in demand by Russian women. Here's the lowdown on immigration to Israel. [More]

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[16 Nov 2009]

The most internationally-minded country in Europe is a big draw and easy sell for Russian brides! [More]

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[11 Nov 2009]

Stereotypes abound about any group, including Russian women. If you could peer into their souls, this is what you'd see: [More]