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Russian Women »

[27 Sep 2012]

Whether they're wearing thongs or short shorts, these Russian ladies like to flaunt their favorite feature... [More]

Russian Dating »

[26 Sep 2012]

Only letters, numbers, and punctuation marks count as characters. Subject lines, spaces, and line breaks no longer apply. [More]

News from Russia »

[25 Sep 2012]

Thousands of Russians in 17 cities participated in flash mobs and relay races to celebrate the 500 day countdown to the Winter Olympics... [More]

Places to See »

[24 Sep 2012]

Since it once served as a civil registry office, Potocki Palace in Lviv is commonly known as a wedding palace and it's still a popular venue today for weddings and special events... [More]

Russian Women »

[21 Sep 2012]

Here are five gorgeous Ukrainian girls who may soon become your favorites (if they aren't already!)... [More]

Russian Women »

[21 Sep 2012]

Did you know that tomorrow is the first day of autumn? Welcome in the new season by meeting some new Russian ladies! [More]

Video »

[19 Sep 2012]

The wait is over! Log on to and enjoy the show! [More]

Russian Culture »

[19 Sep 2012]

Founded in 1936 by the Ukrainian Women's Association of Canada, the Ukrainian Museum of Canada includes one of the largest collections of ethnic textiles in North America. [More]

Tips and Advice »

[18 Sep 2012]

Gentlemen and Russian ladies alike must remember to apply patience, tolerance, and understanding while building multicultural relationships... [More]

Video »

[17 Sep 2012]

If you missed the webcast of the Miss Divine Beauty Show last month, you can check out some of the highlights right here... [More]