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[12 Jun 2013]

Today, June 12th, is Russia Day. While some ladies may be marching in protest around Moscow, others are just enjoying a day off with family and friends... [More]

Questions »

[11 Jun 2013]

Do you struggle to find the right words when it comes to sending that first email or initiating chat with a new woman? Here are a few tips to help you get started.

Russian Dating »

[6 Jun 2013]

The men of RLM don’t have to own a luxury sports car or beachside mansion to attract a wife. However, it helps if they’re financially stable. Here are a few things to keep in mind when it comes to money and Russian women. [More]

Russian Dating »

[4 Jun 2013]

When it comes to Russian dating, members often worry about insincere women, fake profiles, and marriage scams. However, what most men don’t realize is that the women of Russian Love Match share similar concerns [More]

Russian Dating »

[31 May 2013]

Your profile is one of the first things a Russian woman sees and can be what prompts her to send a message or pass you by. With that in mind, here are three simple ways to improve your Russian Love Match profile. [More]

Russian Dating »

[29 May 2013]

Wondering if you should send money to a woman on Russian Love Match? Drop that wallet! Here are four reasons sending cash is rarely a good idea. [More]

Tips and Advice »

[24 May 2013]

Though Russian Love Match is full of stunning pics, men can't pick a match from a photo alone. Here's why falling in love with a photo is a bad idea. [More]

Tips and Advice »

[21 May 2013]

Thinking of starting a new adventure on Russian Love Match? Here are three things you can expect from Russian dating and RLM and three things you should not. [More]

Russian Dating »

[17 May 2013]

We’ve shared a lot of advice about what Russian women want in a man, but what about what they don’t want? Here are four things the women of Russian Love Match just can’t stand. [More]

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[15 May 2013]

Some men want to know how long they should give Russian dating a go before calling it quits. A few weeks? Months? Years? If you’re thinking of halting your search, here are a few things to consider. [More]