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[17 Feb 2012]

Here are 4 ways Russian Love Match works to keep our members safe, secure, and free from hassle. [More]

Russian Dating, Tips and Advice »

[8 Feb 2012]

Not everyone agrees on what it means to be "sincere" on Russian Love Match. [More]

Russian Dating »

[20 Sep 2011]

RussianLoveMatch works hard to ensure our ladies are who they say they are and that they are sincere in their quest for love. Here’s how: [More]

Tips and Advice »

[22 Jun 2011]

Naturally, gentlemen are concerned about Russian dating rumors and want to know that an international dating site is populated by real women looking for love, not devious pretenders out for a quick buck. [More]

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[14 Oct 2010]

Stories about bogus Russian brides give Russian women and sites like RussianLoveMatch a bad name. However, members of RussianLoveMatch don’t have to worry about being duped by shady ladies or miscreant men. Here’s why. [More]

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[16 Sep 2010]

More than a few members write long emails to the women on our site about the terrible things they've heard about Russian dating, how they seriously doubt any lady on the site is sincere, and how they’re not sure they can trust the woman they’re emailing. This is a bad idea! [More]

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[30 Aug 2010]

Here are 3 reasons men think pays women to chat and the truth behind these claims. [More]

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[2 Aug 2010]

Here are 4 more common "RussianLoveMatch is a scam" arguments and our response. [More]

Questions »

[14 Jul 2010]

Yes! While a few dishonest individuals may slip through the cracks, our extensive validation and anti-scam procedures typically weed out women with ulterior motives. [More]

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[28 Jun 2010]

Before a gentleman takes the words of others we'd like him to consider all of the facts and give us the chance to tell our side of the story. [More]