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[12 Jun 2013]

Today, June 12th, is Russia Day. While some ladies may be marching in protest around Moscow, others are just enjoying a day off with family and friends... [More]

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[27 Dec 2012]

Sometimes allies and sometimes foes, Russia and Germany have been involved in one another's history for one thousand years. Learn more about how each country shaped the other's history at the Staatliche Museum in Berlin. [More]

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[21 Aug 2012]

August 22nd is National Flag Day in Russia and the meaning of the flag's colors have been interpreted differently over the years... [More]

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[29 Dec 2011]

6,000 schoolchildren were treated to a fairytale performance mixed with a history lesson as the Kremlin hosted the All-Russia Fir-Tree Party... [More]

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[12 Dec 2011]

While some honor this patron saint of Russia on December 6th, Orthodox Christians who follow the Julian calendar will honor him December 19th... [More]

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[8 Dec 2011]

On December 12, 1944, the first performance of "Russian Christmas Music" was nationally broadcast on NBC Radio. Today, it's one of the most popular and frequently performed pieces of concert band literature... [More]

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[1 Dec 2011]

Are you chatting with Russian and Ukrainian women named Ekaterina, Anna, Angelina, or Marina? They have Russian Name Days this month so be sure to mark your calendars... [More]

Places to See »

[29 Oct 2010]

The St. Petersburg Wax Museum has exhibits that tour all over the world, in addition to permanent displays at 4 cultural centers... [More]

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[9 Aug 2010]

Just like matryoshka dolls and the balalaika, gzhel ceramics is a significant Russian invention and cultural tradition... [More]

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[23 Jul 2010]

Parades, concerts, and special ceremonies are scheduled for this Sunday as the annual Russian Navy Day is honored... [More]