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[14 Dec 2011]

Short men often worry that tall Russian ladies won't consider them in their search, but here's how these guys can attract more ladies on [More]

Russian Culture »

[7 Dec 2011]

Ded Moroz, also known as the Russian Santa Claus, won't be arriving at the traditional locations of the Kremlin or Manezhnaya Square this year... [More]

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[14 Nov 2011]

There are a variety of reasons why men may judge Russian women too quickly... [More]

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[17 May 2011]

While they don’t realize it, many gentlemen scare off potential mates with aggressive behavior that many ladies find frightening or unappealing. [More]

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[8 Feb 2011]

Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching and many men are scrambling to make gift decisions. Some gentlemen aren’t sure what to send while others are unsure if they should send a gift at all. Here’s some basic guidance. [More]

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[7 Feb 2011]

Here are 3 simple things you can do to make the upcoming holiday one to remember, despite the distance between you and a special lady. [More]

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[23 Dec 2010]

Hopefully you already have the perfect gifts picked out from the Gift Shop for your favorite ladies, but if you really want to feel more closely connected this holiday season, try some of these suggestions. [More]

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[28 Oct 2010]

If well-meaning (and not so well-meaning) friends and family are giving you a hard time, here are a few helpful tips on how to handle them. [More]

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[12 Oct 2010]

Everyone has insecurities, but gentlemen who date Russian women online are learning how to forget their faults and boost their confidence... [More]

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[27 Sep 2010]

Understanding Russian women's names is an important aspect of their culture and quite interesting... [More]