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[24 Jun 2013]

All members of can take advantage of this special offer for Customer Appreciation Week! [More]

Russian Culture »

[12 Jun 2013]

Today, June 12th, is Russia Day. While some ladies may be marching in protest around Moscow, others are just enjoying a day off with family and friends... [More]

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[19 Mar 2013]

While Russian Orthodox Easter isn't until May 5th, many ladies like to celebrate along with the Western world so include them by sharing these new Virtual Cards... [More]

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[14 Jan 2013]

The Old New Year signifies the end of the long Russian holiday season and is celebrated more as a nostalgic family occasion... [More]

Russian Dating »

[9 Nov 2012]

If you're on the fence about dating a young woman, here are a few pluses and minuses to consider. [More]

Russian Dating »

[7 Nov 2012]

Many people are curious about why Russian women look for love abroad. Unfortunately, there are many myths and stereotypes which suggest the ladies of Eastern Europe have ulterior motives. Here's the truth. [More]

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[1 Nov 2012]

If you want to stand out in a crowd of online suitors and attract single Russian ladies' attention, here are four profile mistakes to avoid. [More]

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[22 Oct 2012]

Russia's new visa agreement with the United States allows gentlemen to return for multiple visits more easily... [More]

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[18 Oct 2012]

Have you been unable to keep your resolution to fall in love? It's not too late. Join and you could find the love of your life just in time for the holiday season. [More]

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[5 Oct 2012]

People tend to assume that women on international dating sites are primarily interested in dating older men. Are they right? [More]