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[31 May 2011]

While the ladies may admire nice things, they're more interested in seeing pictures of you, not your toys! [More]

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[26 Apr 2011]

New to Russian dating or Here are three simple tips for Russian dating success. [More]

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[11 Aug 2010]

Here’s what they found and how their research can help you in your search for love. [More]

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[10 May 2010]

One of the difficult things about online dating is starting a conversation with a beautiful stranger. Here are a few ideas about what to talk about. [More]

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[5 Mar 2010]

Russian dating can be stressful, and at times this stress causes members of RussianLoveMatch to give up on finding the woman of their dreams. If you're plagued with anxiety here are a few things you can do to reduce your anxiety and have a more pleasant experience. [More]

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[9 Feb 2010]

Advice from gentlemen who have met the woman of their dreams on RussianLoveMatch. [More]

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[12 Nov 2009]

In an earlier post, we discussed having a plan to make your bride’s transition to her new life easier. In part two we continue with some practical advice for life with your new Russian Love [More]