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[2 Nov 2011]

Emailing is so easy on Follow this advice to help you receive more replies... [More]

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[27 Oct 2011]

Making an extra effort to always look exceptional makes Russian ladies very happy... [More]

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[26 Oct 2011]

Most Russian ladies look forward to sharing their lives with men who can make them laugh so here are some suggestions to do so online... [More]

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[19 Oct 2010]

While joining is fast and easy, some gentlemen suspect it's too good to be true. Do you share these common concerns? [More]

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[18 Oct 2010]

Here's why revealing too much about yourself too soon can sabotage your Russian bride search... [More]

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[4 Oct 2010]

First impressions matter, even when dating Russian women online. Your introduction email is the first rung on the Russian ladder of love. Use these techniques to help hear back from more ladies... [More]

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[29 Sep 2010]

Live video chat is an exciting, interactive feature of Here are some Dos and Don'ts to help you have a most enjoyable experience... [More]

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[17 Sep 2010]

Searching for your match on an international dating site is very new and different for some gentlemen. Here are 2 common concerns... [More]

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[10 Sep 2010]

While some Russian women want the strong, unwavering macho man, many others prefer the sensitive, emotional mama’s boy... [More]

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[30 Aug 2010]

If a gentleman wants to determine what course of action is best for him, he must remain objective and attempt to reason things out for himself. [More]