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[5 Oct 2012]

When interacting with people on internet dating sites, it's natural to be concerned about your safety... [More]

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[18 Sep 2012]

Gentlemen and Russian ladies alike must remember to apply patience, tolerance, and understanding while building multicultural relationships... [More]

Russian Dating »

[13 Sep 2012]

Even the most sensible of men can get swept away by Russian dating fantasies. However, it's important for members of RLM to be realistic about what they can expect on our site. Here are a few important things to know. [More]

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[7 Sep 2012]

Don't be that guy! Here are 10 traits that Russian women simply can't stand in men... [More]

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[20 Dec 2011]

Have you seen the new Holiday Virtual Cards on [More]

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[14 Dec 2011]

Short men often worry that tall Russian ladies won't consider them in their search, but here's how these guys can attract more ladies on [More]

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[12 Dec 2011]

Uploading proper profile pics is an important step towards the start of your Russian dating adventure... [More]

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[17 Nov 2011]

It's understand that men are eager to find a Russian wife, but rushing into relationships is rarely a wise idea... [More]

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[14 Nov 2011]

There are a variety of reasons why men may judge Russian women too quickly... [More]

Russian Dating »

[3 Nov 2011]

Here are three subjects that should be avoided when starting to chat with lovely Russian ladies... [More]