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[5 Jan 2010]

Another beautiful Russian bride name is celebrated today. Have you meet these Evgenias? [More]

Russian Women »

[3 Jan 2010]

One of the most popular Russian ladies' names is celebrated today. Check out these hot photos of Russian brides named Anastasia! [More]

Russian Women »

[2 Jan 2010]

January is a busy month for Russian bride name days and it starts with Ulyana. Take a look at these gorgeous photos of ladies who share this name. [More]

Russian Culture »

[28 Dec 2009]

Are you chatting with an Anastasia or Evgenia? Check this list so you can wish your favorite Russian lady a happy name day... [More]

Russian Culture »

[9 Dec 2009]

A noted socialist from a lower-middle class British family, Wells spent two weeks in 1920 visiting Russia and making an account of his experiences and views in a series of articles for the newspaper The Sunday Express. [More]

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[3 Dec 2009]

Men are very sensitive creatures. It goes against the stereotypical image of a man but it’s true. Some think just because they are bald that Russian women will not consider them attractive. [More]

Russian Culture »

[2 Dec 2009]

The winter holidays are a bit different for Russian and Ukrainian ladies. Learn the unique traditions of Old New Year. [More]

Russian Culture »

[30 Nov 2009]

Are you chatting with Marina or Anna? These are a few of the Russian ladies names that are celebrated in December... [More]

Russian Culture »

[20 Nov 2009]

Russia's literacy rate is 98 percent and half people have post-secondary degrees. Is it any wonder Russian women are so smart? [More]

Russian Women »

[17 Nov 2009]

Pencil-in family time? Be a slave to the clock? Not most Russian woman! See what studies show about their cultural values. [More]